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We provide quality products and first class service


Shandong Libon Animal husbandry co., ltd.

The company has 13 professional production and quality inspection teams, 10 college graduates, 15 research and development teams, 12 doctors and 3 graduate students, and gradually realize the internationalization of research and development production technology. The research and development level of the company's functional peptides and enzymes has reached international standards, and has been applied for 6 national patents. Among them, “a new type of suckling pig diarrhea peptidase and preparation method” has been ahead of the international level. The sales team has gradually expanded to more than 100 people, with annual sales reaching 2-3 billion yuan.

Quality products and first class service

Shandong libon Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. takes "green environmental protection and healthy breeding" as the guide, with scientific management and high-quality staff as the guarantee, with advanced production equipment and strict quality control system as the standard to achieve win-win with customers. The society is multi-win as the driving force. With the goal of high technology, high standards and high efficiency, it leads all the people of Libang to actively participate in the development tide of China's animal husbandry and contribute to the green farming.